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I have been writing since I could hold a pen, so being a journal keeper comes naturally to me! In my Inspired Girl blog, I share bits of my heart with random thoughts on loving life, learning from lemons, and being saved by grace.

Thoughts on Ripples, Fear, and Love

Last night I took our kiddos and their friends on a trip to NYC to see Be More Chill. It was so awesome. What I want to share (because I was / am still processing it all) was what happened immediately following the show. The kids wanted to meet the stars of the show,...

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Time. Time. Time.

Last night I was moving over some content from my blog to my website and I found a link to an article where I was interviewed for Forbes about my first book years ago (link in comments). We specifically talked about my thoughts on time management. It’s funny because I...

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Motivation, Inspiration, Stillness, and Motion

I was speaking with a new client awhile back, and she expressed her frustration with staying motivated. She said she would always “start” something all kinds of gung ho, but then eventually lose steam, get frustrated, and go back to her old ways. And, it wasn’t just...

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